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Single phase frequency inverter VFR091


Turn your 220V single-phase into 220V three-phase and precisely control the speed of rotation of your motors.

Reference VFR-091M2


Reference Voltage Power In Dim.(mm) - Weight
VFR-091M2-0K75 220V 0.75kW - 1cv 4A 185/120/178.5; - 3kg
VFR-091M2-01K5 220V 1.5kW - 2cv 7A 185/120/178.5 - 3kg
VFR-091M2-02K2 220V 2.2kW - 3cv 10A 220/150/185.5 - 3kg
VFR-091M2-04K0 220V 4kW - 5.5cv 16A 285/180/200 - 4kg
VFR-091M2-05K5 220V 5.5kW - 7.5cv 25A 360/220/210 - 3kg

 Adjustable Output Frequency (0 - 320Hz) with potentiometer on front panel

 6 Digital Inputs (FWD/REV/Multispeed...), 2 Analog Inputs (0-10V or 4-20mA)

 3 Digital Outputs (1 relay, 2 transistors), 2 Analog Outputs (0-10V or 4-20mA)

 Breaking Unit (to stop higher inertia loads)

 PID Function (7 segments loop)


Quick start guide Complete instructions Wiring diagram


Control by external buttons  Multi speed control Applications
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