iNORéA, supplier of automation and electricity components, offers a wide range of products for your energy management in the industrial environment.  Transforming single-phase current into three-phase, transforming AC voltage into DC voltage or keeping all your devices powered up in case of power failure, we have the solution to all your needs.  

What is a Tecpowergen converter? 

A Tecpowergen converter transforms the single-phase current into three-phase, passing from 220V to 400V.  The Tecpowergen is used on a motor supplied in 400V, which is not couplable in 400V three-phase. 

What is a continuous power supply? 

A continuous power supply allows to create 24V DC from 230V AC. In fact, a DC power supply is used to transform an AC voltage into a DC voltage.

What is a source inverter?

A source inverter is an equipment that allows to switch between a primary and a secondary network. In case of a power failure, all your devices remain powered. It is used in the industrial sector for large machines that need to remain permanently powered.