5.1 Solid state relays

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What is a solid state relay? 

A solid state relay (SSR) is a component similar to a contactor or relay, but without any mechanical part. It is an electronic component of transistor type. It allows to modulate the power of the heating elements. For example resistors or immersion heaters. They switch quickly and quietly and act as contactors. Solid state relays are suitable with PiD temperature controllers or PLCs. 

Solid state relays can be used as single-phase (output voltage 230 VAC) or three-phase (output voltage 480 VAC) load relays. In asynchronous relays, they wait for the input voltage to go to zero before being switched on.

On the control side, the voltages are from 3 to 32 VDC.


A solid state relay is used to modulate the power supply time of your load. For example: over a period of 10 seconds, if the solid state relay drives every 23.5 seconds, the card will only be driven 25% of the time. Solid state relays have a longer life because they have no mechanical parts. They are therefore more resistant to wear or deformation. 


What is a dimmer?

A dimmer is used to regulate the amount of energy dispersed to a light to control its brightness. It allows to make a cut on the period of the source. Thanks to this cutting, we can manage the electrical energy consumed by the load. 


A dimmer opens and closes the light circuit by decreasing or increasing the amount of energy that reaches the lamp. We can therefore manage the intensity of light that we want. This allows us to adapt our need for light but also to reduce energy consumption.

What is a solid state relay support? 

A solid state relay support or heat sink is used to dissipate heat from a solid state relay or dimmer. It prevents overheating and allows the relays or dimmer to function properly. 

In the range, we find different sizes depending on the current allowed by the solid state relays or the dimmer and thus improve the convection for the dissipation of the natural heat. 

How it works:

The support for solid state relay is positioned in a cabinet. The solid state relay or the dimmer is placed on the support. The risk of overheating is therefore reduced. 


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