1.3 Multipoint electric connectors

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A multi-spindle connector (often referred to as a harting plug, in reference to the market leader) is a plug device for linking the electrical connections of machines together. The advantage is that the electrical connection is easily removable. It is generally used to carry power, sensor and actuator information or to transmit data. 

The advantages of multi-pin connectors are flexibility of use, long life, high environmental resistance (IP protection) and fast assembly. 

They are classified as modular connectors with a rectangular shape. In addition, they are compact and lightweight. 

Multi-pin connectors can be found in the industrial sector for electrical cabinets, in robotics or for desks, but also in the professional sector, for example with showmen who need to connect and disconnect elements easily and quickly. 

The criteria for choosing a multi-pin electrical connector

- the number of contacts of the electrical connector (from 2 to 32)

- the current that can be transmitted through the contacts (16A - 32A )

- whether the connector should be male or female. Remember that there should be no live male connector "in the air".

- the outlet of the electrical cable from the connector. 90° outlets should be preferred if the installation is at risk of the cable being pulled out.

Design of a multi-pin connector 

A multi-pin connector consists of several industrial components: 

- A cable outlet protection: cable glands, a cable clamp, accessories

- A cover: a low and high cover for a vertical or horizontal cable outlet with locking lever. 

- Male insert: consisting of screw or crimp outlets 

- Female insert: consisting of screw or crimp outlets 

- Subbases: flush-mounted with or without thermoplastic cover or surface-mounted low or high profile with or without thermoplastic cover. 

- Accessories: protective cover, coding pins, screw lock, adhesive label. 

All these components are essential for the connector to function properly.