1.2 Boxes buttons

1 unit = 5 boxes (50 buttons) - 1 box contains 10 buttons.


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Emergency stop push buttons are used when all operations must be stopped. It allows the operation of machines or equipment to be stopped quickly and immediately. This avoids the risk of injury by making the equipment safe. The button operates by immediately switching off all machines. the emergency stop buttons of the iNORéA range are sold with several types of contact (2NO, 2NC, 1NO-1NC)

NC: to open and close the system

NO: to signal that the emergency stop is engaged. 

Emergency stop buttons can be found in all sectors such as in restaurant, kitchen, industry on machines, escalators...

The different types of emergency stop buttons

There are 3 ranges of emergency stop buttons:

- Pull release: the button is pushed until the machines stop. To release it, it must be pulled.

- Key release: The button is pressed until the machines are completely stopped. To release it, the safety key must be turned.

- Unlocking by turning ¼ of a turn: the emergency stop button is pressed until it stops. To restart it just turn the button. 

European standards

Emergency stop buttons must meet very strict standards. All buttons must be easily visible by their colour and shape. 

- The actuator of the button must be red on a yellow background. This makes it quickly visible in an emergency. 

- The button head should be round or mushroom-shaped for quick and easy operation. 

- A direct opening mechanism should be installed on the NC contact of the button. 

- In addition, some buttons should be equipped with a protective cover, case or bonnet depending on the environment in which the button is used to prevent malfunction.