4.2 Transfer switch


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A transfer switch allows, in case of a power cut, to switch automatically between a primary network (distribution network) and a secondary network (generator, solar panels, etc.). It is also equipped with a contact allowing the secondary source to be switched on in the event of an outage. The transfer switch is ideal for appliances or machines that must be maintained under voltage (refrigerator, etc.)

The operation is simple, 2 network sources are connected to the box, the electricity distribution network (primary source) and a generator (secondary source). The transfer switch automatically chooses between the distribution network and the generator. The power is then routed to your facility. 

The different categories of transfer switches: 

The transfer switches are declined in two categories:

The simple version:

On the simple version, the source inverter makes the change between the two sources (primary network and secondary network). There is a starting contact for the secondary source. The cabinet cuts off the phases and the neutral.

The complete version:

On the complete version we can find the automatic changeover between the two sources (primary and secondary), a starting contact for the secondary source as well as the phase and neutral disconnection. In addition, this switch has the possibility to have a manual control on the used source as well as a control of the direction of rotation of the phases and the loss of a phase.