3.1 Electric motor starter box


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A motor starter box allows electric motors to be started. 
They can also reverse the direction of the motor. Motor starters are available for three-phase and single-phase power systems.

They are generally equipped with a thermal relay to protect electric motors against overloads. They are positioned under the contactor of the electric motor. 

iNORéA offers a wide range of motor starter boxes, sold with thermal relays: 

- Direct motor starter box 230V 15kW control

- Direct motor starter box 400V 15kW control

- Three-phase motor reversing box 230V 7.5kW control

- Direction reversal for three-phase motor 400V control with thermal 

- Star-delta starting box for three-phase motor 230V control 15kW

- Star-delta starting with thermal and 400V control

- Lowering device for three-phase motor 7.5kW 230V control with limit switches

- Lowering for three-phase motor 7.5kW 400V control and limit switches

Motor start ON/OFF box with isolating switch 

This box allows the direct starting of a motor. An additional thermal relay is added, to choose according to the motor.  

Motor start box direction 1 direction 2 with isolating switch 

This starter box allows to reverse the direction of rotation of the three-phase motors thanks to the button in 3 positions maintained. 

Motor start-up box high/low with isolating switch and limit switch

This motor starter box allows the direction of rotation of three-phase motors to be reversed. This is achieved by using an up arrow or down arrow button. When the push button is pressed upwards (upper arrow), the drive is operated to the end of the stroke. 

Star-delta motor starter box with isolating switch 

The star-delta motor starter box allows a soft start for 380/690 V star-delta motors. The timer system allows the transfer from star to delta according to the time you choose.