2.3 Remote controls


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When purchasing a variable frequency drive (a device that varies the speed of an electric motor), it is possible to add accessories for more features. 

The wired remote control is an element that can be added to the variable frequency drive. It can be fitted to any variable frequency drive in order to control it remotely. 

There are several models of wired remote control: 

Remote control for ARU 2-way inverter

It consists of a rotary knob in 3 maintained positions (direction1, stop, direction2 2 NO), an emergency stop button that can be unlocked for a quick stop in complete safety (2NO), a potentiometer to adjust the frequency and a 3 or 5 metre cable. 

Wired remote control:

2-position remote control with an emergency stop button for immediate stop of the frequency converter and a start/stop button

2-position remote control with two buttons: an up arrow and a down arrow

3 position remote control with an emergency stop button to stop the inverter and an up arrow and a down arrow button

How to wire a remote control to a variable frequency drive 

A wired remote control allows you to change the direction of rotation, vary the speed and stop your machine in case of an emergency. Adding a remote control allows you to have remote access to all the commands. 

To connect a wired remote control you need the wiring diagram which is supplied with your purchase or on the product sheet on our website. 

On your plan, at the top left, you can see boxes corresponding to the different drives. Depending on your model (VFR013, VFR015, VFR050, etc..) you will have to follow all the instructions to connect the wires to the drive terminal.