2.5 VFD remote control


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A variable frequency drive (a machine that varies the speed of a motor), can be controlled from a wireless remote control. Controlling a variable frequency drive is very useful in the industry. It ensures the safety of the operators but also provides technical expertise as the machine can be controlled at any time.

The remote control drive is composed of two elements: a frequency converter and a radio frequency transmitter-receiver for the operator and for the machine (2 axes and 2 directions)

The advantages of remote control 

Being able to control your frequency converter remotely has many advantages. Indeed, you no longer have the constraint of tangled wires or accidental cuts. The remote control is light and easy to use. You can choose between 2 configurations: 2-way control with pulse speed and 1-way control with 3 fixed speeds. 


Operation of the frequency converter with wireless remote control

The remote controls work with channels by pulsing or holding down a button which causes a relay contact in the receiver housing to be driven. The box is connected to the machine's control devices. 

There are 2 configurations:

2-way control with speed adjustment by impulse. 

This configuration allows you to remotely start your frequency converter in both directions and adjust the speed by pulse. 

The remote control consists of a red motor stop button, a green button for starting the machine, a left and right arrow button for the motor direction and an up and down arrow button for accelerating or reducing the speed of the frequency converter. 


One-way control with 3 fixed speeds. 

This configuration allows you to remotely start your variable frequency drive in 1 direction and control it at 3 speeds. The remote control consists of a red button to stop the motor, a green button to activate the direction and the minimum speed of the drive. An up arrow button for speed n°1, down arrow for speed n°2 and left arrow for speed n°3. The right arrow button is not used. 

This item is no longer sold.
It is replaced by VFREM_4T050_0K75