1.5 Cable glands


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What is a cable gland?

A cable gland is an industrial wiring accessory that enables to put electrical wires through a tight wall. The cable gland also enables to ensure the sealing to protect it against foreign objects, dust, water, etc. but also to ensure the mechanical blocking of the cable.

The goal is to protect electrical cables from the sheet metal after drilling, that may cause short-circuits or fires.

The cable gland is made up of a hollow sleeve, where the electrical cable passes. It is threaded on both sides (the thread determines the choice of range: metric or gas thread). The first side of a cable gland is fixed on the wall or on a casing via the implementation of a nut. On the other side, we put a gland that will ensure the sealing and the cable sheath.

In fact, the gland is pressed between the sheath and the nut.

There are two ranges of cable glands. Cable glands with metric thread (M) or gas thread. What changes is the fixing thread, as well as the space between the threads.

We offer a metric thread going from M12 to M25L as well as a range of gas thread going from PG7 to PG36.

Cable gland in the industry

Cable glands are most used in the field of industry. They enable to pass electrical cables. We use it in electrical cabinets, or in any machine necessitating to deploy an electrical cable towards an electrical equipment.