2.4 IP55 cabinet for VFD


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A variable frequency drive is a device that allows the speed of an electric motor to vary and it is a very important element that must be protected against external hazards. In fact, the frequency converter is IP20 rated, which means that it protects against a solid body of more than 12.5mm but does not offer any protection against water, humidity or dust. 

This is why iNORéA offers you an IP55 inverter cabinet. An IP55 inverter cabinet consists of a frequency inverter which is integrated in a cabinet. It has an input and output socket to facilitate all connections. 

On the top, there is a handle for easy transportation and a foot for safe placement on the floor. The display of the inverter is extended to be flush mounted on the front of the cabinet, in order to control the frequency inverter (start/stop, speed, direction of rotation). 

This drive is called IP55 because it is built into a waterproof cabinet, protecting the frequency converter from dust, water, etc.

What is an IP rating?

An IP rating indicates the level of protection that an electrical equipment has against dust, water, impacts, etc.

This allows us to determine for which use and which environment we can use our device (inside, outside, inside in a clean corner, etc.)

The protection index is composed of 2 numbers IPXX

The first number indicates the level of protection against a solid body (a finger, dust, a tool, etc.). The number goes from 0 to 6, 0 being no protection and 6 being totally protected against dust and any shock.

The second number indicates the level of protection of a liquid body such as water, rain, immersion, humidity. The number goes from 0 to 9, 0 meaning no protection and 9 protected against high pressure and high temperature water jets, 7 protected from total immersion in water.

This product is no longer sold.
It is replaced by VFRIP50

This product is no longer sold.
It is replaced by VFRIP50