4.1 Tecpowergen converter


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A Tecpowergen converter allows to transform the 220V single-phase current into 400V three-phase. First, the converter transforms the 220v single-phase into 220v three-phase. Then, the voltage is transformed into 400v (3 phases + neutral + earth). 

The difference between a single/three phase inverter and a Tecpowergen converter comes from the fact that the inverter transforms the three-phase into 3x220V. The converter allows to transform in 3 x 400V, so an actual three-phase. 

The Tecpowergen converter is composed of several elements: 

- A metal box with two ventilation holes 

- An emergency stop button which allows to cut the 400v output of the box, to reset the box in case of defect, or to stop the machine for safety

- A voltmeter which measures the voltage at the output of the tetrapolar circuit breaker 

- An indicator button to start or stop the converter 

- An indicator light to indicate a fault or to put the box in safety mode 

- A green push button to obtain the 400v output of the box

- A red push button to stop the 400V output of the cabinet

- 2 indicator buttons to show the presence of 230v at the cabinet input and the presence of 400v at the cabinet output

To start your Tecpowergen converter 

To use your Tecpowergen box, you must put it on its 4 feet on a flat surface. The box must be stable without possible movement. Thereafter, you must connect the power cable in 230V. Once connected, the white indicator light indicates the presence of 230v. Once the light is on, you can plug the 400v plug into the tecpowergen converter. When the cable is well connected, you can press the green power button. The light will indicate the presence of 400V. The voltmeter will turn on to show you the output voltage of the plug. 

If you want to turn off the Tecpowergen converter box, you can press the red button on the front panel. The voltmeter will drop to zero and the lights will go out. 

The main limit of the Tecpowergen is that even if the chosen power (1 kw or 3 kw) is adapted to the application, it is necessary to take into account the inrush current of a motor starting. Sometimes, it represents 5 to 10 times the nominal current, the Tecpowergen drive cannot provide the power instantly and must go into safety.