1.4 Assortments


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iNORéA offers you a wide range of electrical wiring sets. The assortment boxes consist of crimping lugs, wire end ferrules, cable glands, wiring markers. The boxes are made of plastic with a lid that closes. Inside, there are several compartments for all the products in the case.

In addition, you have the possibility to stack all the assortment boxes we sell. This way you can keep all your tools in one case.

What is a crimp terminal?

A crimp terminal is generally used in the industrial environment, for the installation of electrical equipment. They come in a variety of shapes, which makes it easier to adapt to the terminal blocks. The primary use is to connect multi-stranded wires.

Crimp terminals are differentiated by several colours:

Red: To crimp with a wire between 0.5mm and 1mm

Blue: To crimp with a wire between 1mm and 2.5mm

Yellow: To crimp with a wire between 2.5mm and 6mm


What is a wire end ferrule?


A wire end ferrule is positioned at the end of a stripped wire or multi-strand cable to improve the electrical connection.

In effect, the wire end ferrule groups all the strands together by binding them together. This ensures a good electrical connection and reduces the risk of short circuits.


What is a cable gland?


A cable gland is a device that allows electrical wires to pass through a watertight partition. It is widely used in the industrial sector to protect electrical cables from disturbances that could cause short circuits or fires.


What is a cable marker?


A cable marker, as the name suggests, allows electricians and electrical maintenance technicians to identify wires or cables in an electrical cabinet. This saves time during an electrical repair or when a component needs to be changed. These small markers are used in frequency by arranging letters and numbers. They can be slipped onto cables or wires.

The numbers are from 0 to 9 and the letters are L, N, R, S, T to indicate neutral phases, etc.