2.1 Single phase variable frequency drives


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A single-phase/three-phase variable frequency drive allows you to power a three-phase motor from a single-phase mains. This will allow you to vary the speed of the electric motor. The single-phase variable frequency drive is used in many machines such as pneumatic compressors, hydraulic lifts, column lifts, band saws, lathes, milling machines, locksmith's benches, etc. 

The single/three phase frequency inverter is designed for a 220V or 230V single phase input power supply, and provides a 220V three phase output signal. This allows a three-phase 200/400 electric motor to be powered if it is delta-coupled.

How to choose a single/three phase inverter

First of all, we must check if the motor is compatible with a 220V three-phase. If it is not, the motor will not accept the single/three phase drive. If the motor can be coupled, then you need to look at its current and power. 

If the current is less than 25A, the single/three phase inverter will work, otherwise there is no possibility of using a frequency inverter. 

If the power is less than 5.5 kW or 7.5CH or 7.5Ps, iNORéA will offer you a range of single/transmitter frequency inverters adapted to your needs. If not, we do not have the required power for your motor. 

2.1 Single Phase Variable Frequency drives

Single phase variable-frequency drive VFR015

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2.1 Single Phase Variable Frequency drives

Single phase variable frequency drive VFR050

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Compact single-phase frequency inverter VFR013
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2.1 Single Phase Variable Frequency drives

Compact single-phase frequency inverter VFR013

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This item is no longer available.
It is being replaced by the VFR050