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Single phase frequency inverter compact VFR013

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Inverter VFR 013 mini 0.40 Kw, Mono/Tri 220V 2.5A

Reference VFR-013M2

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Reference KW Cv In Out Alim (V) Dimensions HxLxE (mm)
VFR-013M2-0K40 0.40 1 5.4 2.5 220 142*85*112
VFR-013M2-0K75 0.75 1 8.2 4.0 220 142*85*112
VFR-013M2-01K5 1.5 2 14 7.0 220 152*101*117

This frequency inverter offers a triple advantge for the management of an asynchronous motor, it allows to :

 Transform the 220V single-phase in 200V three-phase, and in this way to be allowed to use a 220V/380V three-phase in a traditional socket.

 Vary the frequency of the supply voltage (50Hz.) and so to vary basic speed of the asynchronous motor.

 Manage de start-up and shut-down phases of the motor, avoiding the current peaks during the start-up phase of the motor.


 Input 220V single phase and input 220V three phase

 Adjustable frequency to 0 to 400 Hz by 0.1 Hz. integrated potentiometer.

 5 control inputs, 2 inputs 0/10V or 4-20 mA

 2 outputs TOR (1 relay, 1transistorized), 1 analog output

 Braking by injection of direct current.


Quick start guide Complete instructions (EN) Electrical wiring diagram
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Control by external buttons Multi-speed control Analogue control Tutorials
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* The warranty is applied only if the inverter is used in an electrical box IP55.

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