1 Variateur de fréquence Tri/Tri VFR050

Three phase frequency inverter VFR050

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Frequency inverters three-phase to 0.75 to 7.5 Kw for the speed varation of the asynchronous motors.

Référence VFR-050


References Voltage Power In Dim. (mm) - Weight
VFR_050T4_0K75 380V 0.75kW 2.1A 185/90/154 - 3kg
VFR_050T4_1K5 380V 1.5kW 3.8A 185/90/154 - 3kg
VFR_050T4_2K2 380V 2.2kW 5.1A 185/90/154 - 4kg
VFR_050T4_4K0 380V 4kW 9A 185/90/174 - 4kg
VFR_050T4_5K5 380V 5.5kW 13A 260/120/190 - 5kg
VFR_050T4_7K5 380V 7.5kW 17A 260/120/190 - 7kg

• Power : 0.75kW to 7.5kW

• Power supply: 380-415V (±15%), 50/60Hz (±5%)

• V/F (Automatic compensation of the sliding) ou Vectorial control open-loop ou Vectorial control closed-loop

• Fréquence de sortie 0.00 à 800.00Hz (stabilité ±0.50 Hz)

• Strating-up torque 180% to 0.5 Hz
•Overload capability : 150% during 1 min, 200% during 0.1s

• 6 inputs TOR (0-24V), 3 analog inputs (0-10V, 4-20mA), 2  transistors outputs, 1 relay output, 2 analog outputs

• Integrated transistor of braking and injection of direct current.

• Piloting keyboard, control bornier, communication; MODBUS (RUN, STOP, AV(AVENUE), AR, frequency, emergency shutdown)

• Functioning with 7 segment of speed, PID


Complete instruction Wiring diagram Control by external buttons
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Multi speed control Analogical instructions Applications
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