1 Armoire variateur Tri/TRI 380V

Three phase frequency inverter IP55


Electrical box designed for a use based on VFR091 three-phase inverter.

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Based on the three phase inverter VFR091, the electrical box IP55 is designed to be used in a severe environment.

This electrical box has waterproof plugs for power supply and motor output, what makes it completly autonomous.

Delivered with 2 plugs : 3P + T : 1 male and 1 female

  • Multi-function keyboard: start-up, frenquency settings...
  • Emergency stop
  • Repose sur pied ou sur équerre (livrés avec)
  • Power supply : 380-415V (±15%), 50/60Hz (±5%) - 3P + ground 32A
  • Motor output : female plug 32A 3P + ground
Reference Power Dimensions In
VFRIP_ARM1T_0K75 0.75 KW 500x400x200 2.7A
VFRIP_ARM1T_1K5 1.5 KW 500x400x200 3.5A
VFRIP_ARM1T_2K2 2.2 KW 500x400x200 5 A
VFRIP_ARM1T_4K0 4 KW 500x400x200 8.5 A
VFRIP_ARM2T_5K5 5.5 KW 600x400x250 13 A
VFRIP_ARM2T_7K5 7.5 KW 600x400x250 16 A
 VFRIP_ARM2T_11K0  11 KW  600x400x250  


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