Quantitative reductions - iNORéA

Enjoy preferential rates on many products such as singlephase and threephase frequency inverters but also on our range of DC power supply : 12 VDC and 24 VDC.

Enjoy until -25% per item from a certain quantity ordered !

Reductions for frequency inverters:

  • from 5 items : -10% per unit
  • from 10 items : -20% per unit
Reductions for DC power supply:
  • from 10 items : -15% per unit
  • from 20 items : -25% per unit

Sales by batches - iNORéA

iNORéA suggests you many products for sale in batches from 4 to 10 items per batch, depending on the product, to allow you to benefit of great rates!

You will find below the list of products concerned.

  • Electrical compound buttons : batches of 10 items
  • Electrical multi points connectors : batches of 10, 5 or 4 items (depending on the model)
  • Solid state relays : batches of 5 items
  • Supports for solid state relays and dimmers : batches of 4 items


variateur de fréquence

bouton poussoir électrique
Power supply

alimentation électrique

connecteurs électriques
Solid state relay

relais statique

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