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Tecpowergen converter 220V in 400V three phase




Reference Tension Power Intensity Size Weight
TECPOWERGEN10 Entry :220V Mono (L+N)
Exit : 400V TRI (3P+N+T)
1.0 Kw 3.5 A 500*400*200 20 Kg
TECPOWERGEN30 Entry :220V Mono (L+N)
Exit : 400V TRI (3P+N+T)
3.0 Kw 5 A 500*400*250 30 Kg

This converter can convert single phase 220V three-phase 400V.
A first electronic stage convert the 220 V three-phase 220V mono, then the voltage is converted to 400V. (3 phase + neutral + earth)

? Indication Voltage, fault indication, and power button and emergency stop.
? Protection Output by thermal-magnetic circuit breaker 6A.
? Auto-protection: the output voltage is lowered if asked too much output.
? Rendement 70 % CE.
? Comes With 1 female plug 16 A output.
Garantie : 2 ans

Use limit: When the loading charge a current peak demand (for example when starting a moto contactor), the unit will drop the voltage to limit this peak. Always prefer a soft start.

Technical documentation Electrical analyses CE Certificate
pdf.png pdf.png certificat_CE.png

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