1 Variaiteur de fréquence Tri/Tri VFR050

Three phase frequency inverter VFR050 3x380V-440V 11KW to 160KW

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Range of frequency inverters three-phase 11Kw to 500Kw for the variation of the asynchronous motors speed.
Reference VFR-050

New product: Inverter frequency

• Power between 11kW et 160kW

• Electrical supply : 380-420V (±10%), 50/60Hz (±5%)

• Torque at low frequency 0.25Hz

• Motor parameters by auto-tuning

• Protection against the short circuit

• V/F ( Automatic compensation of the sliding); or Vectorial Control open-loop or Vectorial Control closed-loop

• Output frequency 0.00 - 300.00Hz (stability ±0.50 Hz) for Vectorial Control and Output frequency 0.00 - 3200.00Hz (stability ±0.50 Hz) for constant torque U/F

• Starting-up torque 150% to 0.5 Hz

• Overload capability : 150% during 1 min, 180% during 2s

• 8 inputs TOR (0-24V in PNP or NPN), 3 analog inputs (0-10V, 4-20mA), 2 transistors outputs, 1 relay output, 2 analog outputs

• Braking transistor as option and injection of direct current

• Piloting keyboard, command bornier, communication MODBUS (RUN, STOP, AV, AR, frequency, emergency shut-down...)

• PID, Functioning with 7 segment of speed


References Voltage Power In Dimension (mm)
VFR_050T4_11K0 380V 11kW 25A 260/120/190
VFR_050T4_15K0 380V 15kW 32A 300/190/198
VFR_050T4_18K0 380V 18.5kW 38A 350/210/198
VFR_050T4_22K0 380V 22kW 45A 250/210/198
VFR_050T4_30K0 380V 30kW 60A 400/240/223
VFR_050T4_37K0 380V 37kW 75A 400/240/223
VFR_050T4_45K0 380V 45kW 90A 520/300/283
VFR_050T4_55K0 380V 55kW 110A 520/300/283
VFR_050T4_75K0 380V 75kW 150A 520/300/283
VFR_050T4_93K0 380V 93kW 170A 575/355/328
VFR_050T4_110K0 380V 110kW 210A 575/355/328
VFR_050T4_132K0 380V 132kW 250A 720/400/368
VFR_050T4_160K0 380V 160kW 300A 820/480/398


Complete instruction Wiring diagram Control by external buttons
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Multi speed control Analogical instructions Applications
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