1 Relais statique de puissence triphasé

Three phase solid state relay

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Three phase solid state relay, from 10 to 60 A.

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The solid state relay performs as a contactor : a voltage application (between 2 and 32 VDC) on the control drives the transistor functional and powers the electrical charge.

Technical features

  • CMOS technology
  • Top protection in plastic
  • Isolation voltage: 1000 MΩ /min (500V)
  • Stability of pulse voltage: 2000V, 50Hz
  • Diélectric rigidity 2500VAC /1 min
  • Leakage current <2mA
  • Switching time <10ms
  • Operating temperature: -5°С to + 65°С, relative humidty: 35 - 85% RH
Radiator sizing is critical for the lifespan of the component. The power to be dispersed is given by the following formula:
Effective current of the electrical charge(A) x 3.0 W/A.


The solid state relay must be protected against output high voltage by a varistor, especially during the use of an inductive charge. 

References Control voltage Output voltage Maximum
output amps
RST_3_4_10_5 2-32VDC 480VAC 10 A
RST_3_4_20_5 2-32VDC 480VAC 20 A
RST_3_4_40_5 2-32VDC 480VAC 40 A
 RST_3_4_60_5  2-32VDC  480VAC 60 A

Technical documentation

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