Electrical wiring solution

Box for starting engine management (direct, star-delta), comes and goes, pumping ...

Solution with frequency inverter

Industrial Variable Speed Drives, Single Phase 220V or Three Phase 380V, Rated from 0.75kW to 380kW.
... Controle your Speed!

Motor starter solution

A wide range of Soft Starters for indusrial applications between 5.5kW and 400kW : pumps, ventilators, compressors, conveyors... Soft Start and Stop avoid current surges.

Power management solution

Clever power management solution: direct power supply 12V or 24V, Tecpowergen converter single phase 200V in three phase 400V...

Process management solution

Process management solution innovatives: GSM case with uninterruptible power supply piloted remotely by phone, static relays single phase or three phase.

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