Radiator for solid state relay

Radiator for solid state relay

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Sizing of the temperature regulator is critical for the life of the component. The power to be dissipated is given by the following formula:
Active current of the electrical charge (A) x 3.0 W/A.


References For single phase solid state relay
Picture Schémas
RST_RDM_I50_5 RST_1_2_20_5 et RSR22_20_5 Radiateur RST_RDM_I50_5 Inoréa Schéma Radiateur RST_RDM_I50_5 Inoréa
RST_RDM_W70_5 RST_1_2_40_5 et RSR22_40_5 Radiateur RST_RDM_W70_5 Inoréa Schéma Radiateur RST_RDM_W70_5 Inoréa


References For single phase solid state relay
Pictures  Schémas
RST_RDT_H110_5 RST_3_4_20_5 et RST_3_4_10_5 Radiateur RST_RDT_H110_5 Inoréa Schéma Radiateur RST_RDT_H110_5 Inoréa
RST_RDT_H150_5 RST_3_4_40_5 Radiateur RST_RDT_H150_5 Inoréa Schéma Radiateur RST_RDT_H150_5 Inoréa
 RST_RDT_Y110_5  RST_3_4_60_5 Radiateur RST_RDT_Y110_5 Inoréa Schéma Radiateur RST_RDT_Y110_5 Inoréa



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